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Trees in Winter

Our Roots...

I am often asked my age.  I owe this to my grandmother. Growing up, I was left in the care and custody of my very Greek grandmother, Yia Yia. She was only 13 years old when she traveled from Greece via steamship to Jamaica, Queens, America.


Everything I learned about skincare, I learned from her. She used oils for everything. She believed in natural skincare and never using chemicals or synthetics on our skin. Yia Yia was always in the kitchen mixing oils, flowers, and fruits together, making some remedy or treatment for us. She used them for our skin, hair, removing makeup, even on the furniture. I don't remember her using soap on her face, ever. And oh how she glowed!


In my adult life, I have tried many skincare brands, both expensive and cheap, and yet have always found my way back to the natural and organic oils of my past.


Flowers have powers is built from my love for my grandma and her fountain of youth, from everything she ever taught me about personal care, ritual and self-love.


We are passionate about building the world's purest skincare out of sustainable small batches made with love.  We use only the purest essential oils.  We know you’ll see and smell the difference with pure botanical quality. 


Our Founder,

Theresa Fedele

In Loving memory of Yia Yia

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